Welcome to Le Hoang Beach Hotel

Located in the city of most beautiful famous beaches of Da Nang, the harmony with the natural elements to create a little paradise and convenience for customers. Interior design modern and cozy, with the equipment superior amenities, Le Hoang Beach Hotel wants to give the guests their retreat of rest comfortably at home.

With sweeping views from the top towards the ocean endlessly and is located on a location extremely convenient transportation, only the My Khe beach just 2 minutes’ walk. Indeed tourists satisfying moments of relaxation with white sand, sun, blue sea.

Le Hoang Beach Hotel is a modern design with the system comfortable rooms of international standard. Are arranged so harmonious from space to place a rest. Everything is invested in a uniform luxury express class. Le Hoang Beach Hotel is a resort destination most wonderful journey to visit amusement in Da Nang.

Take a breathtaking view from our rooftop pool and Sports bar, 18 stores high. You will experience spectacular unblocked scenes over endless ocean while sipping our signature cocktails and taking in the light music all around. The hotel guarantees travelers the most comfortable room set up and facilities at the best money value.

With a convenient location for travel tours, the center of Da Nang less than 2 km, you can easily visit places famous attractions of the city:

  • A Marble legend as "Nam Thien List Win"

  • A poetic Han River and Han River Bridge - Bridge turn first in Vietnam.

  • A Son Tra wild, stay with the Buddha, she is the highest in Vietnam.

  • A rotation sun in the largest park in Southeast Asia.

With a commitment to the best service possible by a staff of professional and enthusiastic, we are confident that the hotel Le Royal is the best choice for you.