Opportunity of Da Nang Tourism

Recently, when the US-Korea Summit was held in Hanoi capital, many tourism experts said that this is a great opportunity for Vietnam's tourism industry in general and localities in particular.

Because, this event has attracted the attention of hundreds of broadcasters, with thousands of reporters coming to report. On this occasion, Vietnam's tourism industry and some localities have also quickly taken advantage of a unique opportunity to introduce and promote a peaceful, beautiful, safe and friendly country through people. Come to the summit and go through the team of reporters to report.

From a tourism perspective, although it takes place in the capital, the reality shows that Vietnam in general and some localities in particular, including Da Nang, are capable of serving international-scale events. , with diverse facilities, modern infrastructure ... for big events, typically MICE tourism types (tourism, business, conferences, seminars ...)

In Danang, right from the beginning of 2019, the beautiful coastal city was chosen by New York Times Magazine (USA) as one of 52 most attractive destinations in 2019. Compared to the first time on this list (ranked 43/52), Danang's ranking has improved a lot (15th / 52th place).

The New York Times pointed out that Da Nang is likened to Miami of Vietnam with luxurious hotels, resorts, luxury tourism products, beautiful beaches and well-connected connections. The heritage of the Central region ... From the above polls showed that Da Nang has been developing its own brand and identity development strategies.